Our Company’s ethical principles are the foundation of our efforts to reach commercial success. We will balance these principles against each other while keeping in mind our commitment to our shareholders that we will strive for responsible commercial success.

Our business will not compromise on:

HONESTY We will be honest in our actions and communications.
INTEGRITY We will maintain a high level of personal integrity by aligning our character in thought, word and deed.
PROMISE-KEEPING Our word is our commitment. We will keep the promises made and fulfill our commitments.
LOYALTY We will be loyal to our Company, our team and to ourselves while operating with a strong moral compass.
FAIRNESS We will be committed to fairness and not seek unfair advantage or use indecent methods to get a competitive edge.
CARING We will be genuinely caring to the needs of our customers (in our case, the patients). We will seek to do the least amount of harm with the greatest amount of good.
RESPECT FOR OTHERS We will respect others, as we would want others to respect us.
LAW-ABIDING We will not break the rules, regulations or laws as we execute our business objectives.