15 March 2019

The patent “Use of Tetrahydropyridines in the Treatment of Sodium Channel Related Disease and Disorders” has been granted and registered on the Register of the Japan Patent Office.

21 December 2017

Cennerv starts clinical trial process for CB2810.

29 November 2017

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore granted a patent to Cennerv Pharma (S) Pte Ltd, entitled “Use of Tetrahydropyridines in the treatment of Sodium Channel Related Disease and Disorders”. This increases the number of granted patents in Cennerv to six with another four patents pending.

29 November 2017

Cennerv Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd has invested in Gemeni Therapeutics, a US-based drug development company. Prof. Ranga R. Krishnan and Dr. William Haseltine are founders of Gemeni which will develop non-CNS therapeutics in the US.